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The electrovalve.

With the LPG tank fixed at the place of the spare wheel, there is no loss of place in the car.

Bigas Evolution 2003


The system system automatically starts on petrol. The switch to gas can be done while accelerating or while decelerating.

The system Bigas Evolution 2003 is developed in such a way that it can resist fluctuations in temperature and vibrations.

The Bigas Evaporator is of the electronic type and is famous for its stability and durability.

The Bigas Switch is developed in such a way that it can be installated at any available place in the dashboard. The switch is equiped with four leds that indicate if the car is running on gas or on petrol. The leds also indicate the volume of LPG that is still in the tank.

The injectorsimulator provides a signal to the diagnostic system of the motor and makes that the car does not register any error codes.


  • Automatic petrol start with various adaptable values;
  • With fuel indicator;
  • Emergency start system in case of malfunction;
  • Exceptional good starting properties with automatic switch to LPG at a very precise frequency.

The three electrovalves close automatically at when the motor turns down.

A 80% fill stop, an overpressureprotection and an electrovalve is standard provided with the tank. The tank has a European approvement number 67-R01.

Place of the outside filler can be installed at the place where the customer wants it. Often can the filler be installed at a place where it is non visible.

Place of the switch
The switch is can be installed at the place where the customer wishes.

Two years of full warranty on parts and working hours.

The system meets the requirements of the Royal Decree of May 9, 2001. The system also meets the new requirements to park in underground garages.

LPG Tanks

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