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Flashlube Valve Saver System

LPG Techniek Van Meenen is importer and distributor of the Flashlube Valve-Saver.

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Traditional Flashlube System
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Electronic Flashlube system
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Flashlube Valve-Saver is a combination of high-tech lead substitute additives designed to provide proven protection to the upper cylinder area and increases fuel economy. It has been developed in Australia and was a prize winner at the ‘Great Australian Science Show’. We recommend the installation of Flashlube kits on most Autogas Conversions.

What does the Flashlube do?
FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver coats and protects valves and valve-seats from metal to metal contact that causes wear. In addition to superior valve and valve seat protection it also cleans and protects the complete upper cylinder area and increases fuel economy.

Is it economical to use?
Yes, FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver is concentrated, so a single litre will treat 1,000 litres of fuel.

Has FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver been tested?
Yes, FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver has been tested to the international standard for both exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Hundreds of thousands of units have been sold all over the world.

How is FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver applied?
FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver is automatically injected via the FLASHLUBE Lubricator. The patented FLASHLUBE Lubricator automatically injects FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver into the inlet Manifold. No cutting of fuel lines is required. The complete FLASHLUBE Lubricator Kit includes a free 500ml bottle of FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver.

It is important that the Hi-Tech Valve-Saver Fluid only be used, as other products may do untold damage to your vehicle.

Flashlube – Essential with Autogas

LPG is the low cost fuel of the future. It saves you money and reduces air pollution. But what are the hidden costs if a gas converted engine runs without a valve and valve seat lubricant?

In a project surveying gas engine users and cylinder head reconditioners it was revealed that the time for valve and valve seat maintenance averaged 25% of the total maintenance and repair time was as high as 75% in some systems.

LPG is a dry burning fuel and does not contain any wear reducing additives as petrol does. The lack of valve lubrication plus the higher combustion temperature of LPG often results in premature failure of exhaust valves due to a phenomenon known as “Valve Seat Recession”. Then the cylinder head will have to be repaired or replaced.

Research in USA has shown that even the best valve seats (Stellite) do not prevent valve seat recession when an engine runs on dry gas without a special high temperature valve and valve seat lubricant. It was further revealed the Ceramic Valve Seats (a future product) can decrease recession by 87%, compared with Stellite Valve Seat inserts.

Today, you can reduce the risk of premature valve seat recession by using FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver, a unique, proven valve and valve seat lubricant. Its special high temperature formulation contains non-metallic components which combine with the surfaces of valves and valve seats preventing metal to metal contact that causes wear.

FLASHLUBE Valve-Saver is applied to LPG via the patented and prize winning FLASHLUBE Lubricator. The flow is fully adjustable and easily observed in the sight glass. All fittings are silver soldered and made from brass and copper. It suits any car, 4WD or truck, is easy to install, fully automatic, and is maintenance free.

You can see if a tyre is wearing out, yet you cannot dismantle an engine every week just to check its valves and valve seats.

The FLASHLUBE Lubrication System has a proven record in Australia’s toughest outback condition and has saved motorists thousands in unnecessary cylinder head repairs or replacements.

We are searching for distributors of the Flashlube system in Europe. Contact us for more information.

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