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Order here the LPG-guide 2013!
Free shipment in the EU.

The LPG-guide is published every year in the form of an A5 book and covers 24 countries within Europe. It also includes refuelling sites located on French motorways.

The guide is in written Dutch but has a very clear and graphical structure (with maps), so that it can easily be used by people who do not understand the Dutch language.

The guide covers the autogas stations in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Great-Brittain, Holland, Hongaria, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Servia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switserland.

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LPG Guide 2013

LPG guide 2013

Promotion: only 27,95 euro, free shipment to your home, anywhere in Europe.

LPG-gids 2011-2012: only 14,95 euro, free shipment to your home, anywhere in Europe.

LPG-gids 2012-2013: 19,95 euro, free shipment to your home, anywhere in Europe.

Inclusief gratis levering in België en Nederland.

In most European Countries you can drive on autogas without any problems. But not any country has as many tankstations with Autogas.

If you want to drive on autogas all the time, during your travel abroad, you must buy the LPG-guide. Here you find all addresses of tankstations with Autogas in Europe.

The guide is a very usefull source of informations, that can save you a lot of money. If you fill your tank abroad once with the cheap Autogas, you might have recovered the cost of the LPG-guide!

Ordering is very simple!

You can order by just paying the money by bank transfer or by credit card.

Free shipment to any place in the European Union.

Payment by banktransfer

Transfer 19,95 euro to our bankaccount. As soon as the money is on our account, we send the guide to your address (as mentioned on the bank statement).

Use the following announcement: "order of 1 LPG-gids 2012-2013".

If you transfer from a Belgian account: 7470 1562 4101 (KBC)

If you transfer from an account abroad:
IBAN number: BE43 7470 1562 4101

KBC Bank & Verzekering
9900 EEKLO

Fast shipment warranty

We check our bankaccount several times per day. We guarantee you that the guide will be sent on the same day as we receive the money.

Next day delivery possible

It is possible to send you the guide with next day delivery (by International Priority Fedex).
Please call us if necessary. For this service there is an extra charge.



- No loss of power;

- No extra maintenance;

- Lower fuel consumption;

- Appropriate for EURO-3 en EURO-4, and Turbo-engines;

- Two years of full warranty.

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