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Smart with LPG - smaller petrol tanks

Petrol tank for Smart (model 2004)

No loss of space with our petrol tank. This smaller petrol tank makes it possible to put an LPG under the car.
The tank includes new hoses and clips to go from the fuel filler inlet on the side of the vehicle to the new petrol tank. Our replacement tank is made from 3mm thick ‘CR4’ quality Mild Steel, and has a satin black powder coat finish. The capacity of the tank is 16.6 litres.
You also need a “Anti-Spill Roll-Over” Valve to fit into the top of the new tank. There is already one of these Nylon valves fitted to the original SMART Car petrol tank, but as the petrol tank is plastic, the valve is moulded in during manufacture, and cannot be taken out. We can supply this valve with the tank.

Delivery: approximately 14 days from order.

Download our complete list of petrol tanks.

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