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Spark plugs for cars on Autogas

Order here your spark plugs at only 7 euro/unit.

Special spark plugs have been developed for Autogas. These spark plugs are made in the EU by ISKRA.

The following changes in design have been introduced for these spark plugs:

  • projecting insulator cone to be deeper placed in combustion chamber
  • precisely selected optimum gaps between electrodes
  • precisely selected reserved heat values
  • other changes to liquidate the effects of extended exposure of insulator and central electrode to flame.


The application of spark plugs ISKRA GAZ is advantageous in many respects:

  • easy start-up of cold engine and its silent and fluent work
  • non-servicing operation
  • ensured proper work of catalyst
  • better self-cleaning of insulator cone ("throwing on")
  • elimination of negative effects of alternating gas / petrol operation
  • economical operation of motor vehicles.

How to order

Ordering is very simple.

You can order by just paying the money by bank transfer, by sending it in a closed envelop, by credit card or by Western Union.
When we receive the payment, we send you the goods by Fedex, Taxipost or GLS (depending of the destination).

Please follow the following steps.

1. Determine the total amount

The price per spark plug is 7 euro. Multiply this amount with the number of spark plugs you need + add the transportation costs.

E.g. You are from France and you need 8 spark plugs, then the total amount is 70 euro (this is 56 euro for the spark plugs (8x5) and 14 euro transport).

2. Determine the type of spark plugs you need

E.g. If you have an Audi 80, with Engine type PP, and your car is build in 1990, then you need the sparkplug type FE55PXS.

3. Make the payment

Transfer the total amount to our bank account. If you want to pay by credit card or by another payment method, please call us (+32 9 378 68 23) first.

Use the following announcement: "sparkplug [quantity] x [spark plug type] + [quantity] x [spark plug type]".

Example: if you need 8 spark plugs from type E55PXS
and 3 spark plugs from type SFE65PXS, please use the following announcement:
"sparkplug 8 x E55PXS; 3 x SFE65PXS".

The goods will be sent to the address that is on the bank statement. If your address is different, please send us an email with the correct details.

Fast shipment warranty

We check our bankaccount several times per day. We guarantee you that the products will be sent on the same day as we receive the money.

Transportation costs

Please find hereby the transportation costs. Add this amount to the total amount of your payment.

Country Price in euro
Belgium 9
Netherlands/ Lux/ Germany 9
Denmark, France 14
Great Brittain 19
All other countries in the European Union 22

For other countries, please contact us.

Download catalogue (Excel)


Promotion price (until the end of December 2007):
Only 7 euro / spark plug
(for every type the same price).

Ordering is very simple.


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