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Fiat Ducato transformed to CNG with Sgis PLUS

Installed items:
- Bigas SGIS PLUS system for CNG 4 Cylinder
- 3.0 mm injector rail nozzles
- Cng cylinder Faber:
n.1 - 60 Lt., n.1 - 40 Lt., n.1 - 30 Lt., n.1 - 24 Lt.
- Flashlube system to save engine valves
- nozzles for manifold PLURIJET type.


Systems for CNG

Bigas SGIS PLUS system
Traditional systems
For forklift trucks
CNG tanks

Reducers Tomasetto

Bigas SGIS PLUS system for CNG

Bigas Sequential Gas Injection System PLUS

SGIS PLUS (Sequential Gas Injection System PLUS) is the new system by Bigas for sequential electronic injection of CNG suitable for all kind of last generation automobilies.

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The system is equipped with the new ECU Bigas 2001 N, that can directly receive and processing the petrol injection signal from the ECU of your car; the system is completely transparent so doesn't interfere with OBD system, stability and traction control, improving so efficiency and compatibility of all the system.
Further it is quicker during installation (only 12 wires to connect) and during set-up ( configuration avarege time only 5 minuts). Finally you will have the best technology on the market!


The Cng SgisN system is composed of:
- Pressure reducer
- Injector rail
- ECU type Bigas 2001N
- Accessories, according to type of system, such as lpg or cng solenoid valves,lpg filter, rilsan extention, etc.

The CNG reducer is suitable for all automobilies up to 150 Kw. A Turbo version is available for high power engine. The model RI23-E has built-in an high pressure solenoid valve.

The “Sequential GIS N” electronic control unit, type Bigas 2001N, controls the optimum gas erogation into each cylinder, adjusting solenoid valve opening time of each injector on the rail. To work it takes signals in real time, such as gas and water temperatures, manifold depression, rpm of engine, petrol injection signal, and it processes them to obtain the optimum opening time of each injector. The ECU is easily programmed with a specific software.

This computer can also be used for LPG.

The injector rail, controlled by the ECU, injects gas directly into each cylinder. The injection solenoid valves are mounted on a modular common rail in alluminium. This modular system permits to be suitable to all kind of engine from 2 to 12 cylinder.

Accessories are available according to the type of Sgis N system (lpg or cng, for particular engine, etc.):

- Cng solenoid valve (Homologated ECE110)
- rilsan extention, to reach exactly the optimum point of injection inside the manifold


up to Euro 3 -CNG--> for turbo engines from 1490cc up to 2480cc

ECE 115 approvals have been obtained for 17 groups of cars.

We can supply all the necessary components for conversion to cng of any kind of truck, such as vans, mini trucks and lift trucks.

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